The Company

TECNOSID S.R.L. is a trading company handling steel products and raw material for steel industries.

 It has been established in 1978 and it is part of a group of companies with headquarters in Genoa active in logistic, trading and services in steel products and raw material.

All companies of the group have their headquarter in Genoa, they are strongly operatively connected generating a productive synergical network.



It was founded ITALSEA SRL as surveyor and controller;



It was founded ITALMARITTIMA SRL as forwarding agent;



It was founded TECNOSID SRLas trading company;



It was founded INTERLASHING SRL as logistic company;



It was founded INTERFINANCE SpA as financial company;



It was founded INTERESTATE SRL as real estate company.

Eccellent Reputation

euro of annual turnover

TECNOSID S.R.L. now days has an annual turnover of around 15 milion Euro;
it has an eccellent reputation on the market due to very long history and strong financial capitalization.


All major steel industrial groups in the world like Arcelor, Thyssen, Ilva, Marcegaglia, Gabrielli, Arvedi.


All major banks in Europe like Unicredit, Intesa S.Paolo, Deutsche Bank, Credit Agricole, Banco Popolare.

Insurance Companies

All major credit insurance companies.